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2019 Top 3 Ranklist Survey

Below are the results of the 2019 Otomatch Top 3 Ranklist Survey. There were nearly 160 surveys submitted. The details of the ranking methodology are spelled out below. This was not intended to be a system for ranking the quality of training at different programs. People have lots of factors that go into making their ranklist for the NRMP including geographic ties, cost of living, family, working conditions, and of course training quality. I'm sure I missed several other factors and haven't mentioned any of the biases in the study design. Let me know about them in the chit chat so next year's version can be even better. By the way, the Comments tab includes the comments participants shared about why they ranked each program in their top 3. So without further delay, here are the results...


The study design was a survey asking ENT residency applicants to share the top 3 programs from their Ranklist Order List as submitted to the NRMP. The survey was open from January 20 to February 22, 2019. Comments were also encouraged on why applicants ranked each program in their top 3.
Incomplete surveys were discarded. Surveys naming research track positions, either in comments or other, were grouped separate from the main track positions.
To rank the programs, an Otomatch Top 3 Ranklist Score (OT3RS) was calculated for each program according to the formula below. The programs were then ranked from highest to lowest ORS. Ties were broken by the number of #1 rankings. Remaining ties were broken by the number of #2 rankings. There were ties for 15 positions that were not able to be broken.

Formula: OT3RS = 3 * (Number of Times Ranked #1) + 2 * (Number of Times Ranked #2) + (Number of Times Ranked #3)

Data Validation and Normalization
92 different programs were listed by at least one survey response. 60 different programs were ranked as #1 by at least one applicant, 67 were ranked as #2 and 65 were ranked as #3.
Six responses included programs marked as Other or designated the program in the comments. Two responses were removed due to being incomplete. Two responses included both the main track and research track from the same program.

Sam Reyes and Justin Golub want to thank all of the participants in this year's Otomatch Top 3 Ranklist Survey. We especially want to thank those who left valuable comments. Your participation made this year's survey a success and a resource for med students for years to come.

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